Case Study

Multiple Suppliers. Diverse Products. Same Customer.

A Customer Direct Case Study


As you can imagine, one of the largest furniture companies in the world has specific, ongoing requirements for various raw products. They list their needs online for all suppliers to see, and then decide on the supplier to use for given products.


To this manufacturer, SEEMAC represents two suppliers of different products. We serve as the sales team for MDF for one supplier and particleboard for the other supplier. We ship the products directly to the customers’ plants. In this case, we are representing two suppliers, but with different products, to the same customer.  Combining these two products, SEEMAC is recognized as one of this furniture manufacturer’s largest suppliers nationwide.

With SEEMAC’s strong sales force and varied vendor base, we have the ability to dive deep, commit multiple resources, and provide superior service to one of the largest and most demanding customers in North America.