Furniture and Cabinets

Delivering Wood Components to Manufacturers Nationwide.

SEEMAC’s roots are in supplying components for the furniture and cabinet industries. In 1952, Bob Seeburger realized that the furniture industry was about to undergo a tremendous evolution. Instead of each factory performing all manufacturing steps from raw materials through product completion, he believed it would be more cost-effective and more productive to provide semi-finished components to these manufacturers. That vision was a true forecast of the industry, and SEEMAC was one of the first companies to explore the potential of delivering wood components to manufacturers across the country.

Today, more than 60 years later, that vision has continued to evolve. SEEMAC sells a wide range of raw materials, as well as semi- and fully finished components and finished products to furniture and cabinet manufacturers throughout North America.  SEEMAC’s inventory management model offers efficient and cost-effective custom solutions to manufacturers.  By maintaining warehouse space close to our customers’ locations, SEEMAC can offer custom solutions and exceptional service while keeping costs low.  SEEMAC’s expertise in the furniture and cabinet industries, as well as our agile and affordable business model, makes us a trusted partner with manufacturers throughout the United States.