The SEEMAC Advantage

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We’re So Much More. Compare the Difference.

SEEMAC vs the Distributor Model

SEEMAC is so much more than a distributor.  We’re wood experts, problem solvers, solutions providers.  What does that mean for you? It means we provide products, of course, but we also provide services, inventory management, and integrated solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  It means we hold the inventory you need until you need it.  It means we select the best suppliers worldwide.  Take a look at the SEEMAC difference.  SEEMAC, just a distributor?  NO WAY.

SEEMAC Distributor
Sales People Wood industry and wood products experts; problem solvers and solution providers; extensive knowledge of customer’s processes and mill’s capabilities. Industry and product generalists due to breadth of products offered – wood and non-wood products.
Products Offered Specific supplier’s products engineered for a specific customer’s processes to provide optimum solutions for each customer. Generic products designed to fit generic end uses – non-differentiated products for many customers.
Customer Size Medium- to large customers. Small- to medium-sized customers.
Inventory Locations “Virtual” inventory stored on consignment at customer’s facilities or in public warehouses close to customer’s plants. No owned or leased warehouses, forklifts or trucks – no brick and mortar keeps costs down.  Inventory stored in warehouse typically to serve one particular customer. Owned and/or leased warehouses, forklifts and trucks with warehouse and truck driver employees, typically in major metropolitan areas. Inventory in warehouses services many small customers from one location.
Financial Investment Investment in people, payables, receivables and inventory; no facilities, property or equipment equals low fixed costs. No warehouse or truck driver employees. Investment in facilities, people, payables, receivables, inventory and many fixed assets (warehouses, trucks, forklifts, warehouse, etc.), as well as employees and truck drivers.
Business Model Sales and inventory management costs, and resulting margins required, are as low or lower than supplier and customer costs. Margins required to service this business are much higher than the SEEMAC model.  Because customers are small, they pay a higher margin for this service model since they cannot buy full truckloads.
Solutions vs Products SEEMAC provides solutions, including products, services, and inventory management ─ matching specific supplier capabilities to specific customer needs. Supplies generic products only with a“one size fits all” philosophy.
Flexibility SEEMAC is able to move in and out of inventory locations and maintain appropriate inventory levels at very low cost to our customers. We have no fixed asset costs, so we are more flexible, more accommodating, and less costly than distributors. Because they often own warehouses, distributors can’t move in and out of locations easily.  This makes their costs higher and their flexibility lower.

SEEMAC Delivers… and at a much lower cost

You can’t do business today the way you did business decades ago.  In today’s challenging and ever-changing business environment, your company needs to partner with a real solutions provider – a firm that adds value through in-depth product and industry knowledge, experience, and the ability to deliver innovative solutions that positively impact your bottom-line.  A simple distributor is not able to deliver the value-added solutions that separate good companies from great ones. You need much more than a distributor – you need SEEMAC.