A Legacy of Excellence. A History of Innovation.

Portrait of Bob Seeburger by J. Daniel Diekoff, 1995

Bob Seeburger founded the R.F. Seeburger Company in 1952. Years later, in 1971, he and his partner, Paul McCracken, co-founded SEEMAC. In 1977, the R.F. Seeburger Company merged with SEEMAC Incorporated. This merger enabled SEEMAC to buy and sell products while assuming the additional responsibility of managing the credit risk as a normal wood products wholesaler.

Bob’s roots were embedded in the furniture manufacturing industry in Dubois County, Indiana. His engineering degree from Purdue University served him well as the plant manager of one of Huntingburg Furniture Company’s plants. But Bob had a passion to sell. So, after serving his second tour in the army, having served in World War II and the Korean War, he returned and started the R.F. Seeburger Company in July of 1952.

Bob built a reputation of professionalism, honesty, and hard work. His company reflected his values and, as a result, SEEMAC became recognized as a company that produced successful results, solutions to problems, and cost-saving ideas. He was fiercely loyal to his employees, customers, and suppliers. To this day, his company carries those values.

Physically, Bob was a large man, but his wisdom and sense of humor made his persona seem much larger than the man. Bob did not have many hobbies. He collected coins, read history, spent time with his family, supported his beloved Purdue athletic teams, and worked. He was a master wordsmith. His famous writings in “Comments” were read and treasured by friends and competitors alike in the forest products industry. When he passed away in April of 1993, he left a legacy that we at SEEMAC work very hard every day to maintain.

Bob believed that good business is relationship business. So, SEEMAC became and remains a company focused on building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We are focused on earning the trust of our customers and suppliers every day. We do this with a commitment to loyalty and by producing successful results for everyone involved in every transaction. This was Bob’s way, and it remains SEEMAC’s way today.