A Legacy of Excellence. A History of Innovation.

Portrait of Paul McCracken by J. Daniel Diekoff, 1995

Paul McCracken co-founded Tumac Lumber Company, based in Portland, OR, in 1959. Tumac is a wholesale wood products company. Bob Seeburger met Paul one year prior to Tumac being founded. Years later, in 1971, these two men co-founded SEEMAC Incorporated.

Paul built Tumac into the international company it is today. Tumac has multiple offices in North America, Asia and Europe. Paul once described Tumac as being a “wood merchant,” which means the company’s art is buying and selling wood. Tumac has been involved in some massive projects, including supplying timber for the construction of the Alaskan pipeline. Paul built Tumac and helped build SEEMAC into companies that practice “The Principle of Mutual Advantage.” In other words, everyone involved in a transaction must be able to profit.

Paul was a true icon in the forest products industry. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Tumac, SEEMAC Incorporated and Willamette Industries. He was deeply involved with the development and maintenance of the World Forestry Center in Portland, OR. And Paul was a true environmentalist. He owned over 1000 acres of timberland on the Oregon coast where he operated the timberland as a tree farm. He was a past Department Head of the Oregon Wildlife and Fisheries and was involved in the rehabilitation of many streams in the state of Oregon. He was deeply involved as a sponsoring alumnus for the University of Oregon. Paul was a Past Chairman of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA) and was the recipient of the John J. Mulrooney Award in 1998.

Paul was a very unique human being. He gave people his undivided attention, and had a way of making everyone who spoke to him feel special. His keen intellect and quiet demeanor were attributes that commanded one’s attention. He never got excited over business issues; he would calmly listen and acquire all of the facts before making a decision or definitive statement. But, when Paul had something to say, it would always be a statement that was well thought out and meaningful. Paul passed away in July 2011. His legacy will live on.