A Legacy of Excellence. A History of Innovation.

Portrait of Tom Kohlmeier

Tom Kohlmeier spent more than 40 years helping to turn SEEMAC into the trusted global company it is today. After graduating from Indiana University in 1973, Tom spent a year teaching fifth grade in Stinesville, IN before beginning his SEEMAC career as a salesman in September 1974.

With an affinity for the integrity and respect that characterizes SEEMAC, Tom worked his way up to the highest levels of management in the company, serving at various times as Executive Vice President, President and Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. Under Tom’s leadership, SEEMAC continued to follow its core vision, but also saw significant global growth and expansion. In spite of market fluctuations and industry changes, Tom made sure that the company remained true to the service-driven, value-added culture and reputation SEEMAC has always been known for.

Following his retirement in 2016, Tom continues to hold a seat on SEEMAC’s Board of Directors, and maintains an office at SEEMAC headquarters. He offers strategic direction and mentoring to professionals in expanding industries—leveraging his experience at SEEMAC to help others navigate new leadership roles and expansion. Tom also enjoys writing, and recently published his first novel.