• Global Resources. Innovative Solutions. Passionate Service.

    Global Resources. Innovative Solutions. Passionate Service. more

At SEEMAC, we know what products work. We scour the globe to source them. And we get them to our customers when they’re needed.

That’s the SEEMAC advantage.

What We Do 

We offer our Customers:

  • Mill-direct pricing
  • One-stop shopping
  • Incredible value-add services
  • Inventory management
  • Superior service

We provide our Suppliers:

  • Outstanding customer network
  • Supply chain logistics management
  • Experienced, connected sales team

Products We Offer

SEEMAC’s comprehensive portfolio of wood products includes:

In today’s materials market, you need a true partner that can provide the industry expertise, mill and product knowledge, and global leverage to ensure that you are receiving the best products, precisely when and where you need them, at the best value.

SEEMAC, Inc. is a diversified wood products sales company dedicated solely to provide an unmatched level of value to our customers and suppliers. We are wood experts. We are problem-solvers and innovative solution providers. We source the highest quality wood products, from basic raw materials to finished products and everything in between, from exclusive, pre-screened suppliers worldwide. We offer sales and inventory management services. We maintain strong strategic alliances with value-add suppliers. We are your expert provider of high quality wood products …and so much more.

SEEMAC is ready to partner with you to improve your business and your bottom line. Now that’s the SEEMAC advantage!

Serving Customers and Suppliers Worldwide

SEEMAC Customers…

not only get great product line diversity, they get SEEMAC’s mill-direct pricing, one-stop shopping, inventory management, incredible value-add services, and superior service. We bring integrated solutions to customer product requirements so our customers can run their plants more efficiently at lower cost. We invest in raw material inventory so our customers don’t have to. We can deliver exactly what customers need, when they need it—sometimes several times a day. And, no matter how much inventory we warehouse, our customers only pay for product when they use it. Our value-added, integrated supply solutions include laminating, custom cutting and finishing, supply chain management, inventory management, warehousing, and JIT delivery. Because SEEMAC has no facility, property or equipment costs, we keep our margins low and pass the cost savings onto our customers.

SEEMAC Suppliers…

gain the advantage of our outstanding customer network—we have the connections to place your products with the right manufacturers. Because of our inventory management model, we not only provide exactly what our customers need, we also handle supply chain logistics for our supply partners and pay for inventory up front, increasing your efficiency as well as your bottom line.  What’s more, SEEMAC serves as the sales team for many of our suppliers—your complete sales force or as a complement to your existing sales force—for both direct and warehouse sales. Our sales people are knowledgeable and experienced, with many strong customer relationships. Using SEEMAC’s seasoned and well-connected sales force is the best way to grow your business nationwide.

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