Environmental Policy

Environmental Stewardship. Responsible Resource Management.

SEEMAC and the Environment

During the last few years, concern regarding the need for sustainable timber harvesting levels around the world has increased. The good news is: wood is a renewable and sustainable resource, and like so many other companies today, SEEMAC is concerned and responsible about protecting this valuable resource. SEEMAC is concerned about all aspects of the environment that we live in—from the air that we breathe to the emissions from the products that we sell.

At SEEMAC, we understand the challenges and concerns of the industry and the need to conserve, manage and protect our environment and precious natural resources. For that reason, we always seek to purchase from suppliers who demonstrate responsible forest management practices and have committed themselves to a strong program of environmental stewardship. Many of our suppliers buy from or own SFI-certified and/or FSC®-certified forests with certified wood procurement processes and procedures. SEEMAC is an FSC-certified sales and distribution company. Many of our particleboard and MDF products are Eco-Certified Composites. SEEMAC requires CARB II or better emissions from all international and domestic composite panels and hardwood plywood that we sell. In these ways, we help to ensure the survival and availability of these valued timber resources for centuries to come and a better quality of life for us all.