The SEEMAC Model
vs. Distributors

More expertise. Better prices.

SEEMAC is so much more than a distributor. We’re wood experts. In addition to quality wood products, we provide services, inventory management, and integrated solutions that solve your challenges, save you money, and exceed your expectations.

Sales PeopleWood experts with extensive knowledge of customers’ processes and mills' capabilities.Wood generalists due to breadth of wood and non-wood products offered.
Products OfferedSpecific products chosen and engineered to precisely fit each customer’s unique needs.Generic products designed to fit as many customers’ end uses as possible.
Customer SizeSmall to large customers.Small- to medium-sized customers.
Inventory Locations

Targeted Facilities Inventory is tailored specifically to meet customer needs. Stored in “virtual” warehouses, near customer plant to reduce costs.

Metro facilities. Typically in major metro areas. Inventory stored in warehouses to serve multiple customers from one location, not always near customer. Distributor owns/leases warehouses, forklifts, trucks, and employees. All these things increase the final price.
OverheadLow overhead. SEEMAC has no fixed costs such as warehouse facilities, property, shipping personnel, or equipment.Substantial overhead. Many fixed assets (see above) force distributors to have higher prices.
PricingLowest possible pricing. Many factors keep SEEMAC pricing low—from low overhead to sales/inventory management efficiencies, to our volume purchasing power.Higher pricing. In addition to prices driven up because of overhead, customers of distributors tend to be smaller. This means they can’t buy full truckloads and therefore pay higher prices for materials.

Let’s Talk

If you need more individualized service and competitive pricing than a typical distributor can deliver, you’re not alone. Contact us today and let’s talk about how the SEEMAC team can provide solutions that improve your bottom line.



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