The SEEMAC Advantage

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The SEEMAC Advantage for Customers

Right Product. Right Service. Right on Time.

We create added value for our customers, increasing your efficiency and bottom-line profitability through our extensive list of products and services. As an innovative solutions provider, we supply whatever our customers need, when they need it to get the job done right. From raw materials to semi- and fully finished component parts, no other company does more for their customers than we do.

The SEEMAC Advantage for Customers

Worldwide Resources. A comprehensive network of worldwide resources and strategic alliances with value-added suppliers.

 Superior Products. Qualified mills, ensuring quality with onsite visits and QA audits.

Qualified Sources. Select service partners, including laminators, fabricators, painters, finishers, component parts producers, and warehouse and logistics providers.

Solutions Provider. Working with our service partners, we provide uniquely engineered products to address specific requirements, getting the right products to your door—right to your door.

Customer/Vendor Compatibility.  No other company has the vast resources or experience to pick the vendor who is the best match for your particular product and application needs.

Competitive Pricing. Our financial strength and the scale of our purchases allow us to negotiate mill-direct pricing, plus offer a host of other perks, including our service, expertise and credit advantages.

Supply Chain Management. We coordinate handling ocean freight; container shipping and stripping; rail, truck and intermodal shipments; reloading; warehousing; and delivery.

Virtual Warehousing. We don’t own any of our inventory sites—instead using public warehouses to keep our warehousing costs extremely low. We’re able to move in and out of facilities quickly, locate close to our customers’ plants and adjust inventories as their needs change.

Inventory Management. Our inventory management services will improve your cash flow, reduce your financial risk and ensure that you have all the products you need.

Financial Strength. We know our customers need capital to invest in plants, equipment, finished goods and product marketing. SEEMAC has the cash/credit available to purchase products from suppliers and pay them quickly, the warehouses to hold products until you need them and the ability to invoice you only as you use the products.  These capabilities—backed by our financial strength—decrease your capital needs, free up needed space in your plants, and ensure that your money is not tied up unnecessarily.

Single Resource. A one-stop shop. SEEMAC’s broad range of products and services reduces the number of suppliers you need.

Outstanding Service. Our team is committed to providing the products you need, when you need them—on time, on budget.  SEEMAC offers incredible perks—from mill-direct pricing to value-add capabilities, from financial strength to problem-solving solutions.

We know what products work.  We scour the globe to find them.  And we deliver them to your door … that’s the SEEMAC advantage.