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Our top-quality products are only part of the picture. Our value-added services set SEEMAC apart and enhance our customers’ bottom-line profitability through increased efficiency and productivity.

Virtual Warehousing and Daily Deliveries

Our national network of warehouses enables us to source and store product, delivering what you need, when you need it. Our public warehouse space is close to our major customers, so we can hold inventory and deliver JIT—several times a day, if needed. Our customers pay only when they use the inventory, so their capital and their floor space are not tied up in raw materials.

Mixed Shipment of a Wide Array of Products

Because of our sourcing, economy-of-scale purchasing, and warehousing capabilities, you purchase exactly what you need.

Consignment Inventories

SEEMAC will hold product right on your manufacturing floor so it is on hand when you need it, and we’ll invoice you only when you use the product.

Vendor Managed Inventory Program

We use our robust computer software system as well as customer-provided forecasting information to make sure you have the right product at your door at the right time. That’s one less hassle for you to deal with, and one more reason SEEMAC stands out among our competitors.

Sourcing and Quality Control Programs

With our extensive network of suppliers worldwide, we can source the products you need. And, with our strict Quality Control Program, we guarantee those products will meet your requirements. In fact, unlike many other distributors, we visit our suppliers regularly and perform ongoing audits to ensure the highest quality possible.

Supply Chain Management

At SEEMAC, we’re experts at planning, implementing and controlling the elements of the supply chain as efficiently as possible to ensure our customers the prompt delivery of their raw materials or semi-finish components. Our supply chain management services include sourcing, procurement, conversion, vendor and channel partner oversight, third-party service providers and logistics management.

International Supply Chain Management

In addition, because SEEMAC sources products from a large number of overseas suppliers, we understand the complexities of international purchasing, packaging, shipping, customs regulations and timelines involved in delivering product JIT from anywhere around the globe.

Key Strategic Alliances

We work with a network of select vendors and suppliers to offer value-added specialty products and services for manufacturers, including laminated products, painted products, component parts, cut-to-size, drawer sides, conference table bases, occasional tables, and a number of other products and services. We purchase the raw materials required and work with our strong network of value-add suppliers to provide these components and finished products competitively and cost-effectively.


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