The SEEMAC Advantage

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The SEEMAC Advantage for Suppliers

Great Sales. Great Service. Every Time.

We select our suppliers carefully, and then partner with them. We help our suppliers become more successful, increasing your efficiency and bottom-line profitability. We can serve as your complete sales organization or complement your existing team, knowledgeably representing you and your products to customers nationwide.  SEEMAC invests heavily in inventory, and we pay our suppliers very quickly.  We carry the financial burden and risk for suppliers when inventory is required, warehousing the inventory on the floor of our customers’ plants or at convenient locations for JIT delivery.

The SEEMAC Advantage for Suppliers

Loyal Customers. Comprehensive network of loyal customers to whom we can market your products.

Sales Force. In addition to our inventory management expertise, we can serve as your sales team throughout North America. Our knowledgeable team can serve as your complete sales force, or can complement your existing one. Either way, your company benefits with additional sales and expanded opportunities while controlling and reducing your fixed sales cost.

Value-Added Services. Worldwide resources and strategic alliances with value-added suppliers, including laminators, fabricators, finishers, and warehouse and logistics providers.

Vendor/Customer Compatibility. Because we work with select, quality suppliers, we are able to match your service offerings to our customers’ particular products and application needs.

Financial Strength. SEEMAC’s financial strength means higher profitability for you. We purchase products from our suppliers as soon as they are shipped, warehouse them until customers need them, deliver to customers JIT, and invoice customers only as they use the products.

Supply Chain Management. We understand the complexities of overseas and domestic shipping and distribution.  We coordinate handling ocean freight, container shipping and stripping, rail, truck and intermodal shipments, reloading, warehousing, and delivery.

Virtual Warehousing. We don’t own any of our inventory sites—instead using public warehouses to keep our costs extremely low. We’re able to move into and out of facilities very quickly, and adjust inventories up and down as our customers’ needs change.

Service. SEEMAC is a single resource for all of your sales and inventory management needs.  Our team works with our suppliers to accurately represent your products and services to customers worldwide.

We know what our suppliers want—a global partner that can increase sales, handle logistics and streamline the inventory management process.  That’s what we deliver … that’s the SEEMAC advantage.