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SEEMAC – Nationwide Locations to Serve You Better

Because SEEMAC is committed to providing our customers the products and services they need, when they need them, we have sales offices and inventory sites strategically located around the country. We do not own or lease any of these inventory sites—instead using public warehouses or consignment on our customers’ floor to keep our warehousing costs extremely low. With this “virtual” warehouse model, we are very nimble—able to move into and out of facilities very quickly, easily and cost-effectively as our customers’ businesses evolve.

We can also adjust inventory levels quickly, easily and cost-effectively as our customers’ needs move up and down through business cycles and as customers’ products, equipment and facilities change. Our inventories are typically located close to or within our customers’ plants with all inventory dedicated to that one customer, allowing us to create custom product and service solutions and solve problems quickly.

Our global supply chain partners provide us with a comprehensive portfolio of products and our strict quality assurance procedures ensure the best products sourced from suppliers around the world.  The combination of industry expertise, problem solving ability, comprehensive product offerings and a lean business model makes SEEMAC a trusted partner of customers around the United States.

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